As Fireflies’ new art editor, I was excited to explore the synergy between the visual arts and cinema, while delving into the underlying questions about the meaning of a printed magazine in post-digital times. I invited six multidisciplinary artists to create polymorphic artworks that expand and rethink the limits of a hard copy publication. The works presented on this website expand on the artists’ printed contributions to the fifth issue of Fireflies: jumping across media – from sound to performance, from digital to print – they have created startling pieces that probe distinct aspects of the films of Agnès Varda and Angela Schanelec.

The intention behind this approach is for the magazine and this website, as well as live events like the issue launch we held at Berlin’s Wolf Kino in October 2017, to co-exist as artistic responses to cinema that are simultaneously complementary and autonomous, each one navigating the universes crafted by Schanelec and Varda.

The different media employed by the artists elaborate a wider framework that elicits considerations and reinterpretations of the mutual influences between the visual arts and cinema. At the same time, the resulting works invite us to discover the myriad possibilities offered by a magazine today, considered here as a format that can be endlessly revisited and adapted, that can engender expansive and nuanced reflections on the fading boundaries between artistic disciplines and contemporary criticism.

      – Barbara Cueto